Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm Accepting You As A Facebook Friend, But Don't Get Unfriended & Blocked

This message is sent to EVERYONE who sends me a Friend Request on my PERSONAL Facebook page.  As a supporter of Prophet Brian Carn, I REFUSE to be associated personally with ANYONE who is connected to a Fake Brian Carn Facebook Page.

Unfortunately, many times Christians do not take the time to verify if they are on an impostor's page or the REAL Prophet Brian Carn's Facebook page.  If you want to remain friends with me on my Personal Facebook page, please make sure that THIS is the ONLY Brian Carn Facebook page that you have LIKED.

If you follow the instructions listed in the blog post below, you should be certain that you are NOT on any fake pages:

PLEASE NOTE: Each month I have a "Unfriend & Block Day."  This is the day that I block ALL friends who are still connected to a Fake Brian Carn page.  So if you are interested in remaining friends on my Personal Facebook Page, please follow the above instructions today, while it is fresh on your mind.

Looking forward to a long-term, synergistic & beneficial Facebook friendship.

Peace & Blessings
Gina Barcourt aka Gee Renee

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