Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Getting The Help You Need To Get What You Want Out Of Life

With more than 3 BILLION PEOPLE now using the Internet, have you ever wondered why many are still unable to connect with the people or person who can help them achieve their life long goals and to achieve destiny?

I believe it's because they have yet to 'locate their helpers.' Helpers are defined as people and organizations that have the influence, the connections and the resources to 'make things happen' in the lives of others.

Back-in-the-day Oprah Winfrey was known as one of 'the helpers' that every business owner wanted.  It seemed as though anything she touched, endorsed, promoted or even alluded to became successful.   The impact of her influence was known as 'The Oprah Effect.'

Obviously Oprah can not endorse EVERY business owner's idea or product, but I believe God can.  I believe God knows the thoughts and plans that he has for each of his children.  I believe that there are 'helpers' that we each are supposed to connect with who are destined to assist us in fulfilling our God-given purposes.  The question is "How do we find these helpers?"  The answer is....In God.

Only God can or will reveal to you who your 'helpers' are.  So you will have to hear from God as he leads you to who and where you are suppose to connect with.  Unfortunately, many people have never learned how to personally hear from God and therefore have never received a genuine 'Word From The Lord' because they can't hear from Him.

I believe this is not God's will for those of us who consider ourselves to be His children.  I believe God desires to speak to his children clearly, concisely and consistently.  Learning to hear God's voice should be a top priority in the lives of ALL of His children.

Some of the biggest questions many of God's children, ask are: "How can I hear God's Voice?"  "How can I know when God is speaking to me?"  "How can I know God's Will for my life?"

After 40+ years of being one of God's children, I learned that there are a few ways that God will speak to His children. These are some of the ways that God has personally spoken to me over the years:

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. Dreams and Visions
  3. Prophets and Prophetesses
  4. Through His Other Godly Children
If you are at a place in your life where you would love to locate your helpers and begin fulfilling your God-given purpose, then I would encourage you to pray or talk to God and LISTEN as he leads you. He will lead you to the people, places and things that's needed so you can excel in every area of your life.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to connecting with you further in my next post.

Peace & Blessings,

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