Saturday, March 17, 2018

I Uploaded This Video On March 17, 2015 -- It Now Has Over A Million Views.. SEE WHY?


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I became re-acquainted with Prophet Brian Carn's ministry on January 9, 2015, through this YOUTUBE VIDEO of him ministering at a New Year's Eve 2014 service.  I had been in a spiritual drought and was just tired of church and religiosity.  But Prophet Carn's preaching on  'Restore-Refresh-Renew' awakened something within me.  As I watched the video I began to cry out to God and repent for not praying and for not doing the things that I knew He had instructed me to do.

As He has done in the past, God used a Prophet to speak a word that would draw me out from a dark place and shift my life to a new level of glory that I could not even imagine.  After watching the New Year's Eve service, I began searching Youtube for all of the current Brian Carn videos.  That's when I found this DECEMBER 16, 2014 VIDEO of  Prophet Carn ministering at Pastor Rod Parsley's church.

This entire video is about 23 minutes long, but the worship and adoration portion is only about 15 minutes long, but they are 15 minutes that have impacted my life forever.   I began using the 15-minute worship during my daily prayer time.  However, this blessing soon became somewhat of a nuisance. You see, I usually pray for at least 1 hour, and when using this recording, I had to keep rewinding the audio back to the beginning at least 7 times.  And all of that rewinding was disruptive to my 'prayer-flow' ...if you know what I mean. :-)  But that all changed on February 4, 2015. While communing with the Lord, I heard Him say "create a 1-hour prayer video using this 15 minute audio of Prophet Brian worshiping, and upload it to Youtube."

To make a long story short, it took me over 5 weeks to compile the audio, get the pictures and upload the video to Youtube.  Several times I wanted to give up on uploading it because of the computer challenges I kept running into. Nevertheless, I persevered and on March 17, 2015,  I finally uploaded my channel's first Youtube video!  And now, thanks to God's grace & favor, it has received over 9,600 A MILLION VIEWS!!!

I uploaded this video out of obedience to God, and because I knew it would be a blessing to others who were also looking for a way to take their prayer lives to another level.  My prayer is that this video will motivate you to pray, inspire you to seek God's Face and provoke you to get into His Presence each and every day!!!

"Let's Go Deeper, Let's Go Deeper, Let's Go Deeper, Let's Go Deeper, Let's Go Into The Holy Of  Holies" - Prophet Brian Carn

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