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Can You Believe An Apostle Bishop Prophet Periscope Pastor Would Respond Like THIS?

Hey family, friends & followers.... I wanted to share with you all, what happened to me back during the 1st week of February 2016.  As most of you know I am a professional Internet Marketer.  I earn money promoting/marketing various services, products, ministries and people online.

Well a week prior to the incident I'm going to share below, a FB friend of mine suggested that I check out this new periscope preacher.  She felt that he was reputable since Apostle John Eckhardt (the King of Periscope :-) recommended & shared this preacher's broadcast with his followers.  So I started watching this preacher's scopes and was very impressed with what I saw.  He appeared to be anointed and had sound knowledge of the Bible.  As I listened to him, I realized that I knew this preacher.  Although he had been off of the 'Christian Preaching Circuit' for a number of years, I definitely remembered seeing him on TBN, The Word Network and in Charisma Magazine in the 80's and 90's.

Now as a Christian Marketer, I am always willing to promote Men and Women of God who are imparting Godly wisdom and truth.  So because I was blessed by this preacher's periscopes, I started uploading them to youtube.  As a matter of fact I reached out to this preacher via email and asked if he was okay with me uploading his teachings. (see the email below)

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So after I started uploading his videos to youtube and sharing them on various social media platforms, I started following this preacher on Facebook and Twitter.  I actually started interacting with him on facebook. These interactions were all based on his periscope broadcasts.

Let me interject this here, this preacher was well-known in the 80's &90's and for some reason he dropped off the 'church-scene' for over 9 years and resurfaced around 2013.   According to him, he is now divorced from his wife of 20+ years and no longer pastors a church. His only following and primary source of income is his 'Floating Periscope Church' , which started about 6-8 weeks ago.

So because I am an Internet Marketer and am interested in helping ministers get promoted online, I attempted to help this preacher by sharing some knowledge with him regarding social media. Since it was obviously to me, he
 didn't know exactly how periscope or free conference calling worked.

On either February 1st or 2nd, he decided to have a conference call, the call maxed out and many of us were unable to get on the call.  Below is the interaction that another young lady, the bishop and I had on his Facebook page regarding this call. (note: I edited out this preacher's profile picture and his name)

On  February 3rd this preacher did a periscope and on this scope he was excessively asking his viewers for hearts, to say "Amen" and to donate to his 'ministry'.  Well later that day I was interacting once again on this preacher's  Facebook, and during that interaction I stated my personal opinion about scopers who ask for hearts during their broadcasts. (see the above picture)  Well why did I post my personal opinion on his public Facebook page?  Apparently he did not agree with my opinion and below is how he chose to respond: 

So now this preacher is obviously offended. He's mad that I have an opinion and am not afraid to voice it. So instead of him contacting me privately, he decided to post the following on his Facebook page, in an attempt to make it seem like he tried to communicate with me privately and I refused to speak with him:

After this interaction, I realized that this preacher had blocked me from his periscope.  Because he is not knowledgeable about HOW periscope worked, he had no idea that I could still watch his broadcast even though he blocked me.  So I sent him the following message in his private Inbox on Facebook:

So now this preacher is MAD....(I should have told him to put on a cape so he could become SUPER-MAD), but I digress. LOL!!

Any way, he NEVER responded to me privately, neither on Facebook or email. So now he wants to play 'semantics' and perpetrate to his Facebook followers like I threatened him or something.

Unfortunately some in ministry, especially those who may be considered 'has-beens' or have experienced 'church-hurt' or just have their own inferiority complexes/issues....feel like they have to prove that they are deep or super-spiritual, by trying to 'one-up' or put down others.

So instead of this preacher, contacting me privately, he chose to post the following  on his Facebook page after receiving the above inbox message from me:

After reading his replies and seeing just how manipulative this preacher is,  I decided that I was done with this Dr Bishop Apostle Prophet Periscope Pastor. It was obvious that he didn't have a problem with lying and being deceptive.  Listen to the beginning of the periscope that he did AFTER he wrote all of the above posts on his Facebook page.  Remember, I was the one who told him how periscope hearts actually worked:

After hearing his periscope and reading his replies, I knew I was DONE with this individual.  There was no way that I was going to continue any type of dialogue with someone as duplicitous as he. So below is the final post that I left on his Facebook page, it was in reply to his previous post:

After this preacher read that I had copies of EVERYTHING that was posted and had copies of the Periscope video....HE DELETED ALL OF THE ABOVE POSTS.  If you go to his page and click on VISITOR POSTS on the left, you may still see the post in Picture #2 above, but all of the others have been deleted.

I purposely didn't include this preacher's name and picture;  based on the things that he has shared on his periscope, I wouldn't put it pass him to try and sue me for defamation if I included his Public Profile Picture and name.  I refuse to give the devil any more place than this good bishop already has.

I would encourage all of you to be extremely careful about who you listen to and allow to speak into your life via social media.  Most of the ministers on periscope are doing so with great intentions, but you do have some who are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothes.  They don't have a church, or a following, no accountability and are pimping the people of God spiritually, emotionally and financially...BEWARE.

If you do know who this Dr. Apostle Bishop Prophet Periscope Pastor preacher've been forewarned. Be wise as a serpent, should you choose to enter into the wolf's den.

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  1. Wow... I know this voice someone I know just recommended I listen to him. Thanks for this post. Blessings


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