Saturday, February 6, 2016

What Causes Born-Again Spirt-Filled Believers To Fall For This Lie?

I'm Shocked  & Saddened At The Number Of People Who Profess To Be Spirit-Led Believers Who Have Allowed Themselves To Be Conned By A Brian Carn Impostor.

You'd be surprised how many people reach out to me weekly inquiring about whether the person they have been chatting with on Facebook is the Real Prophet Brian Carn.   Just the fact they think someone as in-demand and busy as Prophet Carn would have time to chat with them is just unconscionable to me.

I mean, I'm probably no where near being as busy as Prophet Carn is, and even I don't have time to chat with all the people reaching out to me on Facebook.  So for those that really believe Prophet has time to send them personal prophecies, interpret their dreams, inquire about their family and personally take their prayer requests...all I can do is #SMH at them.

As Christian we MUST stop being so gullible, so needy and so always wanting to be connected with someone popular or 'famous.' The most famous person who ever walked this earth lives on the inside of you , and yet for some that's just not enough.

So if you just happen to be one of those that were hoodwinked, bamboozled and conned into thinking that you were conversing with the Real Prophet Brian Carn, please heed this piece of advice:
  • Prophet Carn does not send out friend requests to random folks on Facebook.
  • Prophet Carn does not inbox personal prophecies & dream interpretations on Facebook.
  • Prophet Carn is not going to ask you to send money for an orphanage in Africa on Facebook.
  • Prophet Carn is not going to ask you to send him any money on Facebook.
  • Prophet Carn is not going to inbox you on Facebook for any reason at all. 
  • If the REAL Prophet Carn needs to get in touch with YOU.....he or someone from his ministry will CALL you on the phone number that YOU left when you registered on his website at
Now.....if you haven't connected with me on my personal Facebook page, then you probably don't know about my video or blog posts on Fake Brian Carn Pages.  Please click and read the BLOG here and watch the VIDEO here.  If you are serious about ONLY being connected with the REAL Prophet Carn on Facebook, then you will follow the instructions that I've shared on my blog and video.  If you don't then that means you really enjoy being connected with his impostors.

I know to some....I may come off as being insensitive or a bit rough.  Oh is what it is.  Different Strokes for Different Folks. God knows my heart and hopefully you can discern it too.

My prayer for everyone reading this post is that: "God will give you eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to perceive AND receive TRUTH"

Thanks for checking out my blog....I'll see you on my next post.

Peace & Blessings

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