Monday, September 19, 2016

For Those Seeking Help With Praying In Tongues...I Pray This Helps

Thank you for watching my video on "How to Speak In Tongues: The Baptism of The Holy Spirit". Some have commented that they needed "more help", or "couldn't do it." 

Well I created this post for YOU!!!! This info has helped others who didn't speak in tongues after watching the above video, Prayerfully the info listed here will help.

I've pull together some videos that will help you with understanding the purpose of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Please watch them and also you may want to get this book "A Handbook on Holy Spirit Baptism" by Don Basham

What I've done is created this video showing you how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and How To Speak In Tongues:

Use This Video To Help Set The Mood/Atmosphere for Worship This Will Lead You Into Praying In Tongues:

Use This Video To Pray With Me Daily, Let It Help Strengthen You In How To Pray. Around the 25:20 Mark I Begin Interceding aka Praying In Tongues Only.

In This Video Prophets Brian Carn & Jonathan Ferguson Teach On The Benefits of Praying In Tongues:

This is a teaching by Prophet Jonathan Ferguson teaching on Tongues, Deliverance and Praying In The Spirit:

AFTER YOU'VE REVIEWED & IMPLEMENTED THE INFORMATION LISTED ABOVE....feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have.

Peace & Blessings,
Gina R. Barcourt (Bar-KOO)

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