Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Prophet Brian Carn's Prophetic Updates As of October 25, 2016

Watch this Video Of Updates From Prophet's Carn's October 25, 2016 Clarion Call

  • Pray for San Diego, CA & Pray Against Earthquakes
  • Pray World War 3, it's about to happen
  • A major shock is coming by December
  • Confirmation: The baseball team with the bird will fly towards the World Series, but when that team loses the winner will be revealed. Prophet Carn believes Clevland will win the World Series
  • Pray For Bill Cosby....keep him before the Lord
  • Pray for New York....He sees a protest coming...Pray that all protests, attacks, plans of the enemy be rebuked.
  • An Emergency Landing of a plan will soon be in the news.  As we travel, cover your planes with the Blood Of Jesus
  • Whoever is going to be the next President, there's going to be a lot of death threats
  • At the 48 Hours Of Prayers 
  • Church Laws & Charity Tax Laws are getting ready to change
  • Another Oil spill has been seen, but this one will be close to land....Pray
  • In November a lot of intrigue and  so much controversy. History is going to be made, 
  • Bomb threats,  School confusion & Supernatural chaos
  • In December a major court case or legal proceeding is going to be challenged
  • Pray for San Diego....come against earthquakes 
  • By or before February, A major car pile up, dozens and dozen and dozens of cars will be involved. It will be on the news and probably because of pray
  • CONFIRMATION....The election is the rigged, this is the most confused election we've ever had.  The voting process is going to be manipulated.  The Lord said that something that happen with Bush and Gore, is going to happened this time.
  • The states of Florida and Texas will have major stakes that have to do with this election
  • Pray for Hilary, She is sick and needs prayer
  • Somebody from the Motown Era is about to say "Bye Bye"
  • He sees fires and cars being flipped over.
  • He sees violents in the streets, police in riot gear, signs being held up.
  • He sees all of America crying..a sudden attack comes at the last minute and people are crying.
  • He saw something about the Holocaust

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